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Transformer Cooling Fans-an effective cooling technique you can’t miss

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Power transformers play a very important role in the electrical power supply systems. However when they work, the transformers generate waste heat that causes temperate rise in the internal structures of the transformers, which shortens the transformer’s lifetime and reduce the power supply efficiency.

Thus how to dissipate the heat must be taken into consideration. We hereby outline our GF(D)D series transformer cooling fans below.

GFDD transformer cooling fans are high performance cross flow fans that specially designed dissipate heat generated by dry type transformers.

 1. Structures of GFDD transformer cooling fans

The GFDD transformer cooling fans can be classified as top blow and side blow according to its air outlet direction.

top blow
side blow 1

2. Features of GFDD transformer cooling fan


3. Advantages of dry type transformer cooling fan

The following advantages result from efficient transformer cooling with fans:

Higher peak loads can be achieved

Improved transformer efficiency

Increase the power of the transformer

Longer life of components due to the constant distribution of temperature

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4.notice for order


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