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Lightning Rod-Guide the Lighting, protecting live equipment

lightning rod building picture

A lightning rod (also known as lightning conductor) is a metal rod (copper or aluminium or other conducting materials) installed on the top of the structure ( transmission and distribution towers , buildings etc) to protect it from the direct lighting strikes.

Generally there are two types of lightning rods, one is the Early Streamer Emission(ESE) type and the other is the traditional Franklin rods and meshed conductors. In this article, we will focus on the second type.

lightning rod working principle

Find some of our Franklin lightning rod for home use

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Stainless Steel Lightning Rod

Where should I install a lightning rod?

You must always install the lightning rod above the highest part of the building or structure so that it can capture the electrical discharge from lightning and guides it to earth.

lightning rod house installation

What other elements are needed?

  • A. Lightning Rod Wiring Screw
  • B. Grounding Copper Wire
  • C. Cable Lug
  • D. Earthing rod( zinc coated)
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Till now you must have known a lit bit about the lightning rod. If you have any questions about the lightning protection equipments, you can contact us by clicking here to send your inquiry.


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