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Porcelain pin insulator ShF-10

Product Details:

Изолятор ШФ-10Г

ShF-10 insulators are intended for insulation and fastening of bare wires on overhead power lines and in switchgears of power plants and alternating current substations with voltages of 6 and 10 kV with a frequency of up to 100 Hz. Operate at ambient temperatures from -60 to +50°C.

Technical Specification

Model: ShF-10G

Minimum mechanical breaking load, kN: 12.5

Breakdown voltage in an insulating environment, kV:160

Withstand voltage frequency 50 Hz dry, kV: 65

Withstand voltage frequency 50 Hz in the rain, kV:42

Withstand voltage impulse voltage 1.2/50 +/-, kV: 100

Creepage distance, mm: 256

Construction height, mm: 140

Weight, kg: 1.9


porcelain pin insulator shf 10

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