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FZS High Voltage Polymer Line Post Insulator

FZS High Voltage Polymer Line Post Insulator

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Product Details:

FZS High Voltage Polymer Line Post Insulator



FZS series post insulators were designed for use on long rural lines to provide greater reliability and maintenance free operation. They are now widely used in a varity of pole top configurations to improve the appearance as well as performance of all distribution overhead,rural and urban.



1. Excellent electrical characteristics.

2. Good shock and collision resistance.

3. Good sealing performance.


Technical Specification 

Type FZS-38 FZS -69 FZS -115 FZS -138
Rated Voltage 38kV 69kV 115kV 138kV
Specified Mechanical Load 12.5kN 11kN 9.5kN 6.6kN
Section Length H 630mm 860mm 1115mm 1510mm
Dry Arcing Distance h 380mm 556mm 848mm 1250mm
Leakage Distance 1330mm 1420mm 2130mm 3150mm
BIL 260kV 340kV 620kV 760kV
Power Frequency Wet Flashover 130kV 195kV 295kv 430kV
Number of Sheds 7 8 12 18


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