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24kV Polymer Pin Post Insulator

24kV Polymer Pin Post Insulator

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Product Details:

24kV Polymer Pin Post Insulator


24kV Polymer Pin Post Insulator is applied to high voltage power line service. And have features of good hydrophobicity, anti-ageing, anti-leakage trace and electric erode proof, tensile strength and bending strength, strong mechanical strength, shock resistance good quakeproof and brittle failure proof, light weight, easy to installation, and the installation size of top and base are the same size with porcelain pin type, they can exchange to use each other.


Products Advantage

1.Products meet international standards

2.High mechanical strength, impact resistance, shock and crisp resistance

3.Easy installation and long service life

4.Quality and quantity guarantee


Products Specification

Applied standard:IEC61952

Model: PPI-24

Rated Voltage:24kV

Rated Frequency:50Hz

Power frequency withstand voltage:

Dry test, for 1 minute:85kV

Wet test for 10 seconds:65kV

Lightning impulse withstand voltage(1.2/50us, peak value)

Positive pulse:150kV

Negative pulse:150kV

The breakdown voltage:160kV

Leakage distance:20/25/31mm/kV

Arc discharge distance:153/183/213mm

Creepage Distance: 795mm



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