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24kV Medium Voltage Load Break Switch/Disconnectors for Indoor Operation in MV switchgear or Compact Substation

24kv medium voltage load break switchdisconnectors for indoor operation in mv switchgear or compact substation

WOLUN offers load break switches and disconnectors up to 36kV, ideal for indoor SF6 gas insulated or air insulated switchgear designs. They are designed to be compact, easy to install and easy to operate, ideally suited to new or refurbishment projects in MV panel building. Hereby we recommend you our best-selling 24kV medium voltage load break switch FN18-24 and disconnector GN19-24.


  • Medium voltage board manufacturers
  • medium voltage electrical cabinet designers
  • manufacturers of medium voltage machines and devices
  • MV electrical device market


  • Wide operating temperatures range
  • High number of breaking operations at rated current value
  • Compact dimensions for panel and CSS applications
  • Earthing switch with making capacity
  • Reliable position indication
  • Capability for application with frequent switching requirement
  • Ability to close at high short circuits currents in cooperation with current limiting fuses
  • Work in horizontal and vertical position
  • Cost efficient solution for transformers protection

Our Product Models:

GN19-24 24kV disconnect switch

FN18-24 24kV load break switch( equivalent to ABB NAL/NALF air insulated load break switch)

Main Characteristics:

 These switches are motorised and can design a wide variety of MV device functions in order to meet various needs in your applications.

Nominal voltage: 3.6 kV to 24 kV

Dielectric resistance voltage: 50 kV (insulation)/60 kV (disconnection)

Shock resistance voltage: 125 kV (insulation)/145 kV (disconnection)

Nominal heat current: 630 A

Nominal breaking capacity: 12.5/16/20 kA

Closing power: 31.5/40/50 kA

Operating temperature: – 25°C + 50 °C

GN19-24 24kV disconnect switch Main Technical Specification

gn19 24 24kv disconnect switch

FN18-24 load break switch Main Technical Specification

fn18 24 24kv indoor high voltage load break switch and fuse combination

If you want to know more about our Medium Voltage Load Break Switch-Disconnectors 12-24kV solution, feel free to contact us.


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