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High Voltage Wall Bushing

high voltage wall bushing full series

Overview of High Voltage Wall Bushing

High voltage wall bushings for power stations are suitable for use in power stations, substations and electrical equipment of 35kV and below, for conductors (busbars) to pass through earthing partitions, walls and enclosed distribution cabinets as insulation support and external conductors (busbars).

Classification of High Voltage Wall Bushing

  • By application: Indoor Type/Outdoor Type
  • By structure: wall bushing with copper conductor/wall bushing with aluminum conductor/ busbar wall bushing without conductor
  • By creepage distance: Ordinary type/Anti-pollution Type( consists of 2.0cm/kV below creepage type and 2.5cm/kV above creepage)

Conformity Standards

Standard: IEC 60137 – 2017

Main Technical Parameters

wall bushing technical parameters
Rated Current A2504006301000160020003150
5s thermal short-time current≥Ka3.87.21220304060
Bending Breaking Load ≥kN4488812.512.5

Model Meaning:

C–indoor copper conductor wall bushing

CL–indoor aluminum conductor wall bushing

CWL–outdoor-indoor aluminum conductor wall bushing

CB–indoor round conductor rod porcelain wall bushing

CWB–outdoor-indoor round conductor rod porcelain wall bushing

B–anti-bending breaking load grade, 7.5kN

CLB–indoor aluminum conductor wall bushing(strengthend type)

CWLB–outdoor-outdoor aluminum conductor wall busing(strengthend type)

CW–outdoor-indoor copper conductor wall bushing

CWWL — Outdoor – Indoor anti-pollution aluminium conductor wall bushing
CWW — Outdoor – Indoor anti-pollution copper conductor wall bushing
CM — Indoor Busbar wall bushing
CMW — Outdoor busbar type wall bushing
CMWW — Outdoor – Indoor anti-pollution copper conductor wall bushing

Reference Photos of Wall Bushing

10kv wall bushing 2
10kV Wall Bushing
10kv 35kv wall bushing 2
10kV-35Kv Wall Bushing
20kv 35kv wall bushing 1
20kV 35kV Wall Bushing
35kv big current wall bushing 1
35kV big current wall bushing
epson scanner image
Busbar Type Wall Bushing
high voltage wall bushing 2
High Voltage Wall Bushings
fcgw type epoxy resin wall bushing 10kv 35kv 200 2000amp indoor type 1
FCGW Dry Type Epoxy Resin Wall Bushing

Wolun offers full series of porcelain and polymer type wall bushings from 10kV to 126kV. Feel free to contact us for prices.


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