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ZN85-40.5 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker 33kV VCB

ZN85 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker 33kV VCB

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ZN85-40.5 Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker 33kV VCB


General Introduction

The ZN85-40.5/T2000-31.5 indoor HV vacuum breaker(short for breaker)is used for switching on/off load current,over load current,fault current in industrial and mining establishments,power plants and transformer substations with trhree-phase AC 50HZ,rated voltage 40.5KV power system. The breaker and operating mechanism use up-under arrangement stucture,reducing the depth of the breaker effectively.The three-phase explosion chamber and phase-associative electrfied body are separated by three indepen dent epoxy resin insulating cylinder ,forming compound insulation structure.The breaker is up to the request of air and creepage distance in normal working conditions,and reduces size of the breaker effectively.Main galvanic circle vacuum explosion chamber and dynamic and static conduction connecton is installed into the insulating cylinder,making phase to phase only 300mm, Main cycle electrical connectons all use fixed connections,having high reliability.The insulating cylinder is installed on the breaker’s frame.The spring operating mechanism,designed for this new breaker,is installed in the breaker’s overall structure.Having simple structure desing,its output curve and perfomances are more suitable for requests of the 40.5kV vacuum breaker.With reasonable general planning,goodly and compact outline,small size and flexible operation,the break has features of reliable electric specification,long life,easy to check and non maintenance of the mechanism.The breaker is used for operating frequently and in some places with difficuit working conditions.


Technical Specification

Item Unit Parameter
Rated voltage KV 40.5
Rated frequency HZ 50
Rated current A 1250 1600 2000
Rated short circuit breaking current KA 25 31.5 40
Rated short current switching current(Peak value) KA 63 80 100
Rated peak value withstand current KA 25 31.5 40
Rated peak value withstand current KA 63 80 100
Power frequency wtihstand voltage KV 95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(Peak value) KV 185
Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-O
Breaking current frequency under rated short circuit Times 20
Mechanical life 10000
Breaking time ms ≤80
Single capacitor bank breaking current A 630
Back to back capacitor bank breaking current 400
Rated operating voltage V DC/AC:100/200
zn85 embedded pole vcb

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