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ZW32-40.5(AB-3S-40.5) 40.5kV 36kV Outdoor High Voltage Intelligent Vacuum Circuit Breaker


ZW32-40.5(AB-3S-40.5) 40.5kV 36kV Outdoor High Voltage Intelligent Vacuum Circuit Breaker 40.5kV recloser

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Product Details:


ZW32-40.5(AB-3S/40.5) permanent-magnet ( or spring ) vacuum circuit breaker, is made by specially design of permanent magnet ( or spring) and high reliable intelligent control equipment This product is mainly used for middle voltage overhead line network, act as opening orclosing load current, overload current and short current. It can be reclosed automatically for 0-3 times.

1. High reliability

2. Free maintenance

3. Long mechanical and electrical life

4. Compact body, less weight for installation

5. Have the function of standard relay protection and quick rec losing automatically


Working Condition

Ambient air temperature: -40~+40ºC Altitude: ≤2000m Service condition with dust, corrosive / flammable gas, vapor or salty fog pollution are acceptable. Wind speed: ≤34m/s (Equal to 700Pa over cylindrical surface) The external shocking and earthquake could be neglected. Pollution level: ≤IV Note: Customized products for other special working conditions are available on your requirements.


Technical Specification

No Item Unit Data
1 Rated Voltage kV 40.5
2 Rated Current A 1250/1600
3 Rated Frequency Hz 50 or 60
4 Power frequency with stand voltage lmin (wet) (dry) kV 80/95
5 Light ning impulse with stand voltage, (peak) kV 185
6 Ratedshortcircuitbreakingcurrent kA 31.5
7 Rated short circuits witch ingcurrent (peak) kA 80
8 Rated peak with stand current kA 80
9 4S short time with stand current kA 31.5
10 Rated operating sequence 0-0.1S-CO-3S-OC-6S-OC-60S
11 Rated short circuit breaking times Times 30
12 Mechanicallife Times 20000
13 Control voltage of mechanism V DC220
14 Secondary Power Frequncy Withstand Volt lmin kV 2
15 Contact opening distance mm 16±1
16 Contact Over-travelling distance mm 4±0.5
17 Opening Speed m/s 1.4-1.8
18 Closing Speed m/s 0.4-0.8
19 Contactclosingbouncetime ms W 5
20 Middled is tance between phases mm 460±2
21 Closing / Opening time difference between three phases ms W 2
22 The circuitresistance of each phase g < 120
23 Closing time ms 25~45
24 Opening time ms 20~45
25 Weight Kg 295

Mounting&Outline Dimension

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