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YH5WS-17/50DL Drop Out Polymer Lightning Arrester Surge Arrester

drop out lightning arrester, drop out surge arrester

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Product Details:

YH5WS-17/50DL Drop-out Polymer Lightning Arrester


General Introduction

Drop out lightning arrester are over-voltage protection devices. Drop out lightning arrester are MOV based devices that are designed to protect against the damaging effects of spikes and transients caused by lightning, utility switching, isolation arching, electrical motor cycling, or any other sudden change in the electrical power flow on incoming AC power lines. Lightning damage, is responsible for a large percentage of over-voltage occurrences, these are either direct strikes to a line or induced voltages onto the line. (strikes within 40m of a line).

Drop out lightning arrester prevent flashover between phases, prevent damage to poles and protect transformers from lightning damage and surges. Live Line Arrestors can be intelligently placed on lines in problem areas where equipment is consistently damaged.

The placing of Drop out lightning arrester has proven to be more cost effective than improving the insulation of poor performing lines. A spent Drop out surge arrestor can be exchanged for a new unit within minutes with the aid of a link stick and with the system energized. This eliminates unnecessary outages and lost revenue for the electrical utility.


Technical Specification

Specification of Dropout Polymer Lightning Arrester
Type Rated Voltage KV MOCO KV D.C. Reference Voltage KV Residual Voltage KV 2ms Rectangular Current Impulse Withstand A 4/10μs High Current Impulse Withstand KA
Switching Current Impulse Lightning Current Impulse
YH5WS-10/30DL 6 8.0 15 30 25.6 150 65
YH5WS-17/50DL 10 13.6 25 50 42.5 150 65

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