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YH10W-6 6kV Polymer Surge Arrester Metal Oxide Lightning Arrester

6kV Polymer Surge Arrester Metal Oxide Lightning Arrester

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Product Details:

YH10W-6 6kV Polymer Surge Arrester Metal Oxide Lightning Arrester


Technical Performance

The technical performance of metal-oxide surge arrester is accord with IEC60099-4 and IEEE(ANSI)C62.11.


Structural Design

The module core design was developing in the early 80s and has over 15 years service experience, with the housing material changing in the early 90s.

The modular single column polymer housing metal-oxide surge arrester design is available up to 220kV systems.

The essential feature of the internal patented construction is the permanent homogenous resin and fiberglass bond over the complete insulating service of the metal-oxide varistor, the arrester module has an inherently high mechanical strength and provides a uniform dielectric at the insulating surface of the metal-oxide varistor.



– Low residual voltage

– Long protection distance

– High energy input capacity

– Stable U-I characteristics even after multiple strokes

– Proof against ageing

– Explosion and shatter-resistant design

– Pollution resistant and UV-stable

– Housing resistant to rough handling

– Stable against shock and vibration

– High mechanical resistance


Metal-oxide Surge Arrester (YH10W-6kV)

Technical Details:

1.Applicable Standard IEC60099-4

2. Rated Voltage(Ur): 6kV

3. Max. Continuous Operating Voltage(Uc): 5.1kV

4. Nominal Discharge Current: 10kA

5. Max. Residual Voltage Corresponding To

a) steep current impulse:20.7kVp

b) lightning impulse leval A1 Nominal Discharge Current: 18kVp

c) Switching Current Impulse Level: 15.3kVp

6. 2ms Rectangular Current Withstand: 250A

7. 4/10us Impulse Withstand:100kA


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