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YH10W-30 30kV Metal Oxide Polymer Silicone Lightning Arrester

30kV Metal Oxide Polymer Silicone Lightning Arrester

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Product Details:

YH10W-30 30kV Metal Oxide Polymer Silicone Lightning Arrester



1. Distribution networks

2. Transmission line

3. Substation

4. Railway power station

5. Alternator and electromotor



1. Compact and Lightweight

2. Extremely Safe Pressure Relief Performance

3. Superior Performance against Environmental Contamination

4. Directly Molded Structure

5. Compliance with International Standards(IEC60099-4)

6. Simple Support Structure

7. Manufactured at Advanced ISO-9001 certified facilities


Technical Specification:

Type YH10W-30/81.6
Rated voltage———kV 30
MCOV —————-kV 24.4
Nominal Current——-kA 10
Residual voltage of steep impulse—-at 5kA(kV) 88.5
8/20µS Residual voltage of lightning impulse current kV(Peak value)—–at 5kA(kV) 81.6
Residual voltage of switching impulse current kV (peak value)—-at 1kA (kV) 62.5
1mA D.C reference voltage (kV) 42.5
Line discharge level 1
2mS long duration impulse current A 400
4/10µS High current impulse kA 100
Lightning impulse withstand kV 200
Power frequency voltage withstand(dry/wet)kV 70
0.1S TOV————–kV 36
1S TOV—————-kV 34.5
10S TOV—————kV 33
1200S TOV————-kV 30
Creepage distance —-mm 1082
Material employed in series non-linear resistor Zinc Oxide

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