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RVZ 10/630-III Three Pole Disconnector

Разъединители трехполюсные серии РВЗ 10/630-III

Additional information

Product Details:


RVZ are designed for operation in alternating current networks with a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz, at rated
voltage 10 kV and are intended:
– for disconnecting and switching on energized sections of the electrical circuit
high voltage in the absence of load current or to change the circuit
– to create a visible break in the chain for the purpose of safe work on
disconnected area;
– to turn on and off the charging currents of overhead and cable lines, current
no-load current of transformers and currents of small loads;


Technical Specification

Rated voltage:10kV

Maximum operating voltage: 12kV

Rated current: 400A, 63A, 1000A

Thermal resistance current: 50kA

Rated frequency:50/60Hz


Dimension Drawing

rvz 10/630 iii three pole disconnector

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