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GW5 33kV 40.5kV Outdoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch


GW5 33kV 40.5kV Outdoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

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General Introduction

GW5 type outdoor high-voltage disconnect switch is used for three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage electrical equipment, used for the line to switching under voltage pressed no load condition, and electrical isolation the maintenanced high voltage bus, circuit breakers and other electrical equipment and charged high voltage line, can also be used for the opening and closing small capacitance or inductance current. When the knife in the normal break position, can provide a insulation distance consistent with safety requirements. Widely used in 35~110kV substation.


Working Conditions

The ambient temperature: upper limit +40℃,lower limit -40 ℃;

Altitude: no more than 3000m;

Wind speed: not more than 35m/s;

Earthquake intensity: do not exceed 8 degree;

Pollution level: no more than III;

No severe vibration, no corrosive gas, no fire, no explosion danger place.



36kv high voltage disconnect switch


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