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OPN-P-20/24.0 UHL1 20kV Surge Arrester

ОПН-П-20/24,0/10/550-УХЛ1 ограничитель перенапряжения

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Ограничители перенапряжений типов ОПН и МОПН для сетей 20 кВ исполнения УХЛ1

ОПН-П-20/24,0 УХЛ1

Surge suppressors are designed to protect electrical equipment in 20 kV networks with an isolated neutral. For surge suppressors, a range of selection of the highest long-term permissible operating voltage is offered from 20 to 27 kV in increments of 0.1 kV

Основные характеристики ограничителей перенапряжений для сетей класса 20 кВ категории размещения УХЛ1

Main characteristics of surge suppressors for networks of 20 kV class, placement category UHL1


Maximum continuous permissible operating voltage, value, kV 24 * )
Rated voltage, kV, not less thirty
Classification voltage at classification current 2 mA, kV, not less thirty 
Throughput current on a rectangular pulse with a duration of 2000 μs, A 400 550 650
Rated discharge current, kA 10
The remaining voltage at the arrester with a current pulse of 30/60 μs with an amplitude:
–       250 A, kV, no more 59.6
–       500 A, kV, no more 62.7
–       1000 A, kV, no more 65.9
Remaining voltage at the surge arrester with a current pulse of 8/20 µs with amplitude:
–       5000 A, kV, no more 72.1
–       10000 A, kV, no more 78.5
–       20000 A, kV, no more 84.0
Remaining voltage at the arrester at a pulse of 1/4 μs with the amplitude of the rated discharge current, kV, no more 91.2
High current pulse amplitude 4/10 μs, kA 65 100
Specific dissipated energy, over two pulses, kJ/kV, not less 4.2 6.4 7.8
Leakage distance of external insulation, cm/kV, at customer’s request
2.25, 2.5 and 3.1
Electrical strength of external insulation according to GOST R 52725
Explosion-proof current according to GOST R 52725 40 kA
Warranty period, years
for surge arresters 1
for MOPN1
Estimated service life, years
for surge arresters thirty
for MOPN 40
Guaranteed shelf life in manufacturer’s containers, years 1

opn p 20/24.0 uhl1 20kv surge arrester




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