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GW9 12kV Outdoor High-voltage Disconnect Switch

12kV Outdoor High-voltage Disconnect Switch

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GW9 12kV Outdoor High-voltage Disconnect Switch


General Introduction

The”GW9-10G”type of outdoor high voltage disconnect switch is  the high voltage switch equipment of single phase AC50Hz. The product is suitable ofr power system with rated voltage 10KV to make or break power supply under circumstances of with voltage and nomload.


Working Conditions

The altitude does not exceed 1000m.

The ambient air temperature: Maximum+40℃:Minimum: General Area-30℃, Paramos-40℃.

The wind pressure does not exceed 700Pa.

The earthquake intensity  does not exceed 8 degrees.

The working situation without frequent violent vibration.

The installation site of ordinary type isolator should be kept  away  from  gas, smoke chemical deposition, salt-spray-fog, dust and other and corrosive maters that affect seriously insulation and conuction  capability of the isolator.

Pollution-proof type isolator is applies to severe filthy conduction area, however, It shouldn’t be any explosive matters and matters causing fire.


Technical Specification

12kV high voltage disconnect switch


Outline Drawing

12kV high voltage disconnect switch

12kV silicon rubber disconnect switch


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