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FXUW Deadend Composite Insulator Polymer Insulator

FXUW Deadend Composite Insulator Polymer Insulator

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Product Details:

FXUW Deadend Composite Insulator Polymer Insulator


General Introduction

Composite deadend insulator by us is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of IEC61109. The sheds of the insulator is made of highly hydrophobic silicon rubber which offers the desirable toughness and resistance to tensile strength, and the core is made of corrosion resistant fiber glass rod and the end fittings are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. It is suitable for use in high voltage distribution networks.



1. Strong resistance to erosion and collision.

2. High mechanical strength.

3. Compact structure and light weight.


Technical Specification

Type Rated voltage (KV) Specified mechanical load Section length (mm) Min Arc distance (mm) Leakage distance (mm) Lightning impulse withstand BIL(KV) Power frequency withstand (wet) (KV)
FXUW-12/70 12 70 330 203 430 95 45
FXUW-24/70 24 70 440 300 660 125 60
FXUW-35/70 36 70 530 405 990 180 95


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