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MV Fuses

xrnt xrnp medium voltage fuse

MV fuses provide main or back-up protection against overload and overcurrents

Medium Voltage Fuses are current limiting power fuses having voltage ratings from 3.6kV to 40.5kV. Medium Voltage Fuse ratings include continuous current ratings ranging from 0.5 to 1,200 amps. The main Medium Voltage Fuse types include the E Rated Fuse, the R Rated Fuse and the Potential Transformer or PT rated fuse. E-rated medium voltage fuses are general purpose fuses that are primarily used to protect transformers and provide both current overload, and short circuit, protection. R-Rated fuses are back-up fuses primarily used to protect motors and motor controllers. R-Rated fuses only provide short circuit protection. PT medium voltage fuses are designed to protect potential transformers.

medium voltage fuses mv fuses

MV Fuse consists of a fuse-base and a fuse-link in structure design.

The main components of the fuse is the insulating body, fuse-element, fittings and extinguishing material.

medium voltage fuse structure

Wolun offers current limiting fuses for medium voltage systems. Two housing materials are applicable-porcelain and resin-fiberglass. Both of them are characterized by high mechanical and thermal resistance.

porcelain fuse fiber resin fuse
WOLUN fuses have a special design for each application and are suitable for the protection of distribution transformers (current and non- current limiting), voltage transformers (current limiting only), capacitor banks (current limiting and expulsion), motor circuits (current limiting only) and cutouts (non-current limiting only).

The fuses can operate as sole devices or can be combined with air insulated and SF6-insulated switch disconnectors.
disconnect switch with fuse 1
High-voltage switch-disconnector with fuses


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