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ZW7-40.5 33kV High Voltage Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

33kV High Voltage Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Product Details:

ZW7-40.5 33kV High Voltage Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker


General Introduction

ZW7-40.5 type outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage electrical equipment; suit for control and protection of 20~40.5kV transmission and distribution system; can also be used for sectional circuit breaker and switching capacitor bank occasions; this product can be matched with piecewise controller, reclose device can realize the power system intelligent segmentation, reclose control. And can add the current transformer for measurement and protection. Circuit breaker equipped with spring or electromagnetic actuator, reliable mechanical performance, frequent operation; no fire and explosion danger; circuit breaker conforms to the national standard GB1984-1989 “AC high voltage circuit breaker” and the International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC56, IEC62271-100 “high voltage AC circuit breaker” requirements. The main characteristics of circuit breaker: excellent breaking performance, use vacuum arc, high breaking capability, mechanical life of up to 10000 times, has the advantages of simple structure, free maintenance, no maintenance cycle long; good insulation performance, good anti contamination ability; can be installed current transformer according to customer requirements, the measurement accuracy up to 0.2 class, can realize the three-phase interactive protection.

Working Conditions

Ambient temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -30℃

Days difference does not exceed 32K

Altitude: 1000m and the following areas

Wind pressure: not more than 700Pa (corresponding to the wind speed 34m/s)

Air pollution level: IV class

Earthquake intensity: do not exceed 8 degree

Ice thickness: no more than 10mm


Technical Specification

ZW7 33KV Vacuum Circuit Breaker


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