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ZW20-12 12kV Outdoor High Voltage Intelligent Vacuum Circuit Breaker

12kV Outdoor High Voltage Intelligent Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZW20-12 12kV Outdoor High Voltage Intelligent Vacuum Circuit Breaker


General Introduction

ZW20-12 outdoor AC HV vacuum boundary circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as the boundary circuit breaker) is one of our new products. Boundary circuit breaker is a multifunctional intelligent device with the function of vacuum breaker, vacuum load switch, recloser, sectionalizer four switches. The main configuration consists of vacuum breaker, CH-40 controller, external voltage transformer (Note: distribution automation line ring network available in bilateral PT) three parts. Products are widely used in 10kV, 13kV city, rural power grid space ring network for disconnecting switch, contact switch, automatic switch device which can implement the ring deployment line load. It can be used as boundary switch (commonly known as watchdog) in the branch line of power supply, used as reclosers and sectionalizers in feed overhead distribution network. Boundary circuit breaker with remote management pattern, protection and control functions and communication functions. Reliable detection in judgment, mA level zero sequence current and short-circuit current between phases, realize the automatic removal of single-phase grounding fault and phase to phase short circuit fault. The main switch is vacuum arc and insulation adopts SF6, N2 mixed gas. The case introducting of Japan, Germany, French gas sealing, explosion proof, insulation system technology, the overall excellent sealing performance. Inside is filled with SF6, N2 mixed gas which does not leak, not affected by the external environment. The spring operating mechanism with miniaturization and performance optimization design, action reliability is much higher than the traditional spring mechanism.

Working Condition

Altitude≤2000 meters

The environment temperature: -30℃~+55℃ outdoor; the highest annual average temperature 20 ℃, the highest daily average temperature 30 ℃;

Relative humidity: 95% (25℃)

Seismic capacity: horizontal ground acceleration 0.3g, vertical ground

acceleration 0.15g, at the same time duration of three sine waves, a safety factor of 1.67 Earthquake intensity: 7 degrees

The maximum daily temperature difference: 25 ℃

The intensity of sunshine (wind speed 0.5m/s): 0.1W/cm²

The maximum wind speed: 34m/s

The maximum ice thickness: 10mm

Installation position: outdoor, the 10kV overhead line responsibility demarcation point

Grounding: neutral non grounding, arc suppression coil grounding and low resistance grounding.


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