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YH1.5W Polymer Type Low Voltage Lightning Arrester

YH1.5W Low Voltage Polymer Surge Arrester Lightning Arrester

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YH1.5W-0.28/1.3 YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 Low Voltage Polymer Surge Arrester 

1)Rated voltage:0.28kV
2)Continuous working voltage:0.24kV
3)DC reference voltageNo less than:0.6kV

1)Rated voltage:0.5kV
2)Continuous working voltage:0.42kV
3)DC reference voltageNo less than:1.2kV


Application Model System Voltage kV(R.M.S) Rated Voltage kV(r.m.s) MCOV kv(r.m.s) 8/20 us Lightning Current Impulse kV(crest) Reference Voltage at 1mA DC kV Long Impulse Withstand Current 2000us A(crest) 4/10 us High Current Impulse Withstand kV(crest)
Low Voltage YH1.5W-0.28/1.3 0.22 0.28 0.24 1.3 0.6 50 10
YH1.5W-0.5/2.6 0.38 0.5 0.42 2.6 1.2 50 10



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