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General Introduction

VS1-24 indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is an AC three-phase 50HZ indoor high-voltage switching equipment with rated voltage of 24KV,mainly applied for protection and control in power distribution system of power plant,electric substation and industrial and mining enterprise,It is especially applied for breaking of important load and place requiring frequent operation.The manufacture of circuit breaker complies with GB1984-2003″AC High-Voltage Circuit Breaker”,JB3855-1966″Technical Conditions for Ordering 3.6-40.5KV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker”of national standard and relative IEC standards.It Has reliable interlocking function.The operating mechanism of circuit breaker is spring energy storage type,which is either available for AC/DC energy storage operation or manual operation. The circuit breaker can also be equipped with permanent magnetic operating mechanism of long service life,its mechanical life can get to 100000 times,which is suitable for place with extremely frequent operation.The assembled structure design makes the circuit breaker can not only be used as a fixed unit but also as mid-cabinet unit when it is equipped with chassis.


Working Condition

1.Altitude:≤2000m,It should be custom-made for>2000m

2.Ambient temperature:Max.+40 ℃,Min.-25℃

3.Relative Humidity:Daily average value should be less than 95%,monthly average value should be less than 90%

4.The earthquake intensity:less than 8 degree

5.The place where it is used is free from fire,explosion,chemical corrosion and intense vibration



Technical Specification


Item Unit Parameter
Rated voltage KV 24
Nominal Frequency HZ 50
Nominal Current A 630 1250 1600
Rated short circuit breaking current KA 20 25 31.5
Switch Current of Nominalshort-circuit(peak value) KA 50 63 80
Substantial time of Nominalshort-circuit S 4
Breaking current frequency under rated short circuit 20
Rated operating sequence 0-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
Nominal Durable Voltage for Thunderand Lightning Impact(fracture) KV 125
1min Rated power frequency withs-tand voltage(fracture) KV 65
Switch-on time ms ≤100
Switch-off time ms ≤50
Mechanical life 20000
Rated energy storage and operting voltage V ≌220/110
breaking time ms ≤65
energy storage time s ≤10
Mechanical characteristic adjustment parameter 
Item Unit Parameter
Contact opening mm 15±1
Contact Overtravel mm 3.5±0.5
Switch off speed m/s 0.9-1.2
Switch on speed m/s 0.5-0.8
Contact closing bosunce time ms ≤2
rated contact pressure N 20KA(2000≤200) 25KA(2400±200) 31.4KA(3100±200)
Three-phase switching on or off non-synchroneity ms ≤2

Dimension  and  mounting


Indoor High-voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker dimension


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