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Porcelain Surge Arrester RVO-10 (РАЗРЯДНИК РВО-10 У1)

10kV Porcelain Surge Arresteer

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Product Details:

Porcelain Surge Arrester RVO-10 (РАЗРЯДНИК РВО-10 У1)



Valve arrester RVO-10 U1 for protection of overhead power transmission lines and equipment of transformer substations from short-term overvoltages of switching or inductive-lightning character. Equipment of this type finds application in electricity transmission and distribution networks in industrial and municipal facilities. 


Design features RVO-10U1

The main elements are non-linear resistors connected in series with spark gaps. They are reliably protected from the negative effects of the environment by a sealed porcelain case, which provides the necessary stability of the product characteristics. 

1. Spark gaps

2. Nonlinear resistors

3. Sealed porcelain body

Main technical characteristics of OPN-P-10 RVO

Parameter name
Mains voltage class, kV effective 10
Rated voltage, kV effective 12.7
Breakdown voltage at a frequency of 50 Hz in a dry state and in the rain, kV effective:

  • at least
  • no more
Pulse breakdown voltage at pre-discharge time from 2 to 20 μs, kV
– no more
Remaining voltage at a wave of pulsed current 8/20 μs, kV, no more

  • with current amplitude 3000A
  • with current amplitude 5000A
Rectified test voltage when measuring leakage current, kV 10
Leakage current, µA 6
Current carrying capacity:
– 20 current impulses with a wave of 16/40 µs, kA
– 20 current impulses with a square wave with a duration of 2000 µs, A
The length of the creepage distance of the outer insulation, cm, – not less than 26
Permissible tension of wires, N, – not less than 300
Height, (H), mm, – no more 411
Weight, kg – no more 4.0



porcelain surge arrester rvo 10 (РАЗРЯДНИК РВО 10 У1)

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