IPU Russia Type Porcelain Insulator Wall Bushing

IPU Porcelain Insulator Wall  Bushing 10kV

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IPU Porcelain Insulators Wall Bushings are designed for conducting and isolating current-carrying parts of closed switchgear of power stations and substations, complete switchgear, connection with open switchgear or power lines for alternating voltage over 1000 V, frequency 100 Hz, as well as for closed conductors.


Model Drawing Rated Voltage kV Impulse Voltage kV Rated Current A Minimum Bending Breaking Force kN Creepage distance, external insulation, not less than, cm Weight kG
IPU-10/630-7,5 UHL1
(square flange)
1 10 80 630 7.5 30 10
IPU-10/630-7,5M UHL1
(oval flange)
2 10 80 630 7.5 30 10
IPU-10/1000-7,5 UHL1 3 10 80 1000 7.5 30 10

ipu russia type porcelain insulator wall bushing

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