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HY5WS-10/30 Surge Arrester

HY5WS-17/50 Surge Arrester

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Surge arresters HY5WS-10/30 6000V( Equivalent to  РВО-6)  are designed to protect the equipment of power supply systems from switching and lightning surges.


HY5WS-10/30 Surge Arrester Specification

1) Actual value of rated system voltage (KV) 6
2) Actual value of lightning arrester rated voltage (KV) 10
3) Actual value of lightning arrester persistence work voltage (KV): 8
4) Max. standard discharge current value 4 (A): 5
5) The maximum value of the residual voltage of the steep wave shock current is less than (KV): 30
6) The maximum value of 6 DC 1mA reference voltage is no less than (KV): 14.4

hy5ws 10/30 surge arrester

hy5ws 10/30 surge arrester

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