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FN5 12kV 24kV Indoor Load Break Switch

FN5 12kV 24kV Indoor Load Break Switch

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The FN5-12(24) Indoor AC M.V. load switch and fuse combination is designed by ourselves, combined with the requirement of our country and based on the advanced foreign technique. It has been tested for long term by full aspects and confirmed to IEC62271 “AC M.V. load switch-fuse combinations” and GB3804 “3-63kV AC M.V. load break switch” standard. Compared to the same products of overseas, It has come up to the technique parameter level. For its small size and light weight, it can be used in RMU and compact substations, also widely used for the power distribution of the 12kV and 24kV line and has the perfect function of open phase protection. And break on-load current, over-load current and short circuit current. This Load Break Switch can apply with CS6-I manual operating mechanism. The development of the FN5-12(24) realized the functions of three-position switch: ON/OFF, isolation and grounding.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification      
Rated voltage kV 12 24
Rated current A 630 630
Rated power frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
Short circuit making capacity kA Peak. 63 63
Peak withstand current kA Peak. 63 63
Short time current kA eff.    
1Sec.   25 25
3Sec.   14 14
Max. breaking capacity in co-operation with fuses IEC 62271-105 (IEC 420 1990-11) A 1600 900
Max. fuse current(XRNT Fuse) A 200 200
Power frequency withstand voltage 50Hz 1 min,:      
– To earth and between poles kV 42 55
– Across isolating distance kV 48 70
Impulse withstand voltage 1.2/50μ s:      
– To earth and between poles kV 75 125
– Across isolating distance kV 85 145
Mechanism Endurance cycles 1000 2000


Overall and installation dimensions

fn5 load break switch drawing

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