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24kV 36kV Fuse Holder Fuse Carrier Fuse Tube Assembly

24kV 36kV  Fuse Carrier of Fuse Cutout

Additional information

rated current

100A, 200A

Product Details:

Fuse Carriers are important part to fuse cutout to help protecting the distribution line from over current and short-circuit. Our fuse carriers are designed to accommodate the standard expulsion fuse link Type K or Type T.  The fuse carriers can operate at a maximum of 200A and are used on Distribution networks up to 36kV.

The fuse carriers are made of high strength fibeglass fuse tube coated with ultra-violet resistant paint. When the over-current occurs, the fuse element inside the fuse carriers melts and the fuse carrier drops down, providing positive fault isolation and a clear indication that the fuse cutout has operated.


Fuse Carrier Technical Specification:

Rated Voltage Rated Current Section Length(L) Tube Diameter(D)
24kV 100A 375mm 25mm
24kV 200A 375mm 30mm
36kV 100A 463mm 25mm
36kV 200A 463mm 30mm


fuse cutout fuse carrier drawing


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