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Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tulip contact 630A-4000A

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tulip contact 630A-4000A

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Product Details:

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Tulip contact 630A-4000A


Product introduction:

It is used for 10-40.5KV vacuum circuit breaker, and it can be used as one-time conduction in the center cabinet, handcart room, etc.


The GC series one-time moving contact is based on the digestion and absorption of ABB product technology, and has been successfully developed by itself, replacing all domestic products of imported similar products. Widely used in ZN63 (VS1, VB1) and other handcart circuit breakers. Its performance meets the requirements of GB3906-1991 <3 ~ 35KV AC metal-enclosed switchgear.

Structural features:

1.Non-magnetic stainless steel bracket electrolytic polishing treatment;

2.Boundary of non-magnetic stainless steel ring tension spring;

3. The contact piece is T2 copper plate fine blanking, the surface is plated with thick silver, and it will not change color for a long time after anti-discoloration treatment, and the appearance is beautiful.

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Bound contacts

Product Features:

■ Uniform ring spring pressure

■ Imported non-magnetic stainless steel material to avoid eddy current

■ Brush silver plating, strong abrasion resistance

■ Anti-discoloration treatment to avoid oxidation and shedding of silver layer

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