RN1 High Voltage Fuse


RN1 potential transformer fuse

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RN1 High Voltage Fuse


General Introduction

The product is used in overload or short-circuit protection for elctric transformer. The current limiting means that the fuse will cut off the circuit before the short-circuit current reaches the peak value.



Current which passes the fuse when being1.3 times of its specified electric current,Do not fusing for an hour;When the current through the fuse is 2 times of its specined electric current,fusing in an hour;Refer to its fusing feature curve in chart 1when select the fuse.

Structure of fuse link

The fuse pipe is the main part of fuse,it is made by installing the fuse wire in the porcelain pipe,filling the quartz sand in the porcelain pipe and sealing to-ends of pipe.For the fuse pipe with rated current below 7.5Aand 35V rated voltage,its fuse wire is rolled on the special porcelain core,referening to chart 2.a.for the fuse pipe with rated current above 7.5A,its fuse wire is hang in the porcelain pipe,referening to the chart.


Technical Specification


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