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LW9-72.5kV Outdoor High Voltage SF6 Circuit Breaker

72.5kV SF6 gas circuit breaker

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Product Details:


LW9-72.5 porcelain column high voltage AC sulfur hexafluoridecircuit breaker is a new product,which adopts spring operating mechanism and three poles are installed on one frame to realize three-phase mechanical linkage through transmission mechanism.Electronic controlling can achieve remote and local operation, product performance is more superior. operating noise is small. It has the ability to break capacitive load and inductive load current,It can be used as a special circuit breaker for reactive power compensation.


1. Excellent capacitive and inductive current breaking performance;

2.Longer electrical life;

3.Reliable insulation performance;

4. Longer mechanical life;

5. Safe and reliable operation, small maintenance workload.

Technical Parameters

lw9 72.5kv outdoor high voltage sf6 circuit breaker


lw9 72.5kv outdoor high voltage sf6 circuit breaker

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