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JDG Pressure Spring Type Overhead Line Fault Indicator With LED

Product Details:

Overhead Line Short Circuit And Earth Fault Indicator 

Specifications and Characteristic

The shell using high strength and high transparency aeronautical material Fully Fashioned, and treated with nanotechnology, better perspectivity. resist filth, anti-aging, without maintenance, long service life.

◆ Built-in high performance lithium battery, Service life can reach more than eight years.

◆ The circuit board using special chip and MCU etc imported Components.

◆ The shell made from aeronautical material and nano materials.

◆ The clamp with nickel plating process, best magnetic conductivity, Install and Remove with Electricity.

◆ Fault indication turn card with strong visual,it can clear instructions with light in the night, and the color not fade under sun ultraviolet light for a long time.

Function and Benefit

◆ Indicate the fault line and fault point quickly, lessen the blackout area;

◆ Shorten troubleshooting time,improving electricity and power supply reliability;

◆ Accurately indicate the instant fault, which is conducive to rule out the power supply problems;

◆ Providing technical means for find the hidden permanent fault point;

◆ Shorten the search time to find the fault point, reduce the labor intensity of line patrol person;

◆ Defining the responsibility of the fault area and responsible people;

◆ Avoiding traditional multiple switch out,switch on,line patrol to the effects of power equipment.


Technical Parameters

Applicable voltage grade: U≥6-35KV Applicable wire current: I≤1200A
Applicable wire diameter: 16mm sq≤D≤240mm sq Action response time: 0.06s≤t≤3s
Reset time: 6,12,24,48H (Selectable, Default 24H) Ambient temperature: -35℃≤T≤+70℃
Operation times:  ≥5000Times Static power loss:  ≤10μW
Protection class: IP68 JDG LED lumens: 30-50Lm

jdg pressure spring type overhead line fault indicator with led


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