IOS insulators – 35 kV Опорно-стержневой изолятор ИОС 35-500-01

Insulators IOS 35-500-01

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Insulators IOS 35-500-01 are designed for insulation and fastening of current-carrying parts in electrical apparatus, complete switchgear, current ducts, switchgear of power stations and substations of alternating voltage over 1000 V frequency
up to 100 Hz.

Characteristics of IOS-35-500-01 UHL1

Rated voltage, kV: 35
Creepage distance, mm: 700
Weight, kg: 14.2
Minimum mechanical breaking force for bending, kN
– Normalized according to GOST, and according to the factory specifications: 5
– Guaranteed by the factory: 7
– Actual test values:8.0…9.5
Minimum breaking torque, kN . m
– Standardized according to GOST: not standardized!
– Standardized according to the factory specifications:2
– Guaranteed by the factory: 3
– Actual test values: 3.5 … 4.0
Test voltage of full lightning impulse, kV: 190
One-minute test voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz in a dry state, kV: 95

ios insulators 35 kv Опорно стержневой изолятор ИОС 35 500 01

ios insulators 35 kv Опорно стержневой изолятор ИОС 35 500 01

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