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insulators С4-80 II изоляторов С4-80 II

insulators С4-80 II

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Product Details:

The C4-80-II UHL1 insulator is designed for insulation and fastening of current-carrying parts in electrical apparatus, complete switchgear, current ducts, switchgear of power stations and substations of alternating voltage 10 kV, frequency up to 100 Hz.

Technical characteristics of insulators C4-80 II-M UHL1

Rated voltage: 10 kV

Minimum bending load :4 kN

Creepage distance: not less than 300 mm

Lightning impulse test voltage: 80 kV

Construction height: H 215 mm

Outer diameter ØD: Ø125 mm

Installation dimensions: top 36 mm / bottom 70 mm

Weight: 2.7±10% kg


insulators С4 80 ii изоляторов С4 80 ii


insulators С4 80 ii изоляторов С4 80 ii

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