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HRW12-24-13 24kV Polymer Drop-out Fuse Cutout

24kV polymer fuse cutout

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Product Details:

HRW12-24-13 24kV Polymer Drop-out Fuse Cutout


Power Polymer cutout HRW series are designed to provide protection to the power transmission and lines, as well as devices on the lines such as distribution transformer and capacitor banks against overload and short circuit damage.
Our existing polymer cutout covers a range from 12kV to 36kV with different BIL.


Technical Specification:

Rated voltage:24kV

Rated current:100A/200A

Breaking current:8000A/10000A

Impulse voltage(BIL):150kV

Power frequency withstand voltage:70kV

Creepage Distance:600mm


Outline Drawing:

24kV polymer fuse cutout

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