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FCWB/FCGW10-12KV 630-1000A Dry Type Cast Resin Wall Bushing

10-12KV 630-1000A Dry Type Cast Resin Wall Bushing

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Product Details:

Wall Bushing Introduction

This series of products is outdoor and indoor type, suitable for power distribution installations in power stations and substations of three-phase AC systems with rated voltage  10KV~12KV, 20KV~24KV, 35~40.5KV and frequency 15~60Hz. The installation site ambient temperature is -40℃~40℃ and the altitude does not exceed 1000 m. The product is suitable for horizontal installation.

Model Explanation


FCW/FCG: outdoor-indoor dry type wall bushing with copper conductor

10-12: rated voltage

630-1000A: rated current


Wall Bushing Structure

The cast resin wall bushing consists of a cylindrical guide rod and an epoxy fibre layer tightly wrapped around the rod, an intermediate flange, and a silicone rubber sheath and umbrella skirt encapsulating the epoxy fibre layer, with an electric field homogenisation treatment in the area of the intermediate flange.

FCWG FCGW Dry Type Wall Bushing Drawing

fcwb/fcgw10 12kv 630 1000a dry type cast resin wall bushing
Technical Requirements:
  1. indoor creepage distance 229mm, outdoor creepage distance 423mm
  2. rated current 630-1000A
  3. total height 616
  4. power frequency withstand voltage 42kV

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