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FCO polymer 27kV 100A (200A) Cầu chì tự rơi

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Product Details:

Parameters of Polymer Fuse Cutout (FCO)

–Applicable Standard: IEC60282-2

– Rated voltage: 27kV

– Rated current: 100A

–Short circuit breaking capacity: 10kA

– Rated frequency: 50Hz

–Minimum Creepage Distance:540mm

–Power Frequency Withstand Voltage: 65kV

–Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage:150kV

Function of Polymer Fuse Cutout (FCO) :

Fuse Cutout (FCO) has the main function of interrupting the fault current or rated overload current on the medium voltage grid when a short circuit or overload occurs to protect the circuit and related equipment.


Advantages of Polymer Fuse Cutout (FCO) :

Polymer Fuse Cutout (FCO)  has a polymer insulation layer, so it is water resistant, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, reducing electrical discharge on porcelain wings.

– FCO polymer is suitable for installation in all climatic conditions, especially in coastal areas, salt fog, humidity, dust pollution.

– FCO polymer has higher strength than porcelain FCO.

– FCO polymer has light weight, easy to transport, less damage, easy to install during construction, less maintenance.



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