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FCGW Dry Type High Voltage Wall Bushing Composite Wall Bushing 12kV-126kV

12kV 36kV 66kV 110kV Dry Type Silicon Rubber Wall Bushing

Additional information

Product Details:


Composite dry type wall bushing is a new type of wall bushing, which adopts new insulating materials for the inner insulation and high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber for the outer insulation (silicone rubber umbrella skirt), with good dirt resistance.
It is in line with the development trend of oil-free and miniaturization in the electric power sector, and is a new generation of high-voltage power transmission and transformation product to meet the transformation of urban and rural power grids.

Technical Specification

Model Rated Voltage(kV) Rated Current(A) Total Length(mm) Indoor End Length(mm) Outdoor End Length(mm) Indoor Insulation distance(mm) Outdoor Insulation Distance(mm) Indoor Creepage Distance(mm) Outdoor Creepage Distance(mm)
FCGW-12/250-1000 10 250-1000 250-1000 535 240 200 200 280 380
FCGW-40.5/600-3000 35 600-3000 600-3000 1200 450 450 400 1015 1015
FCGW-72.5/600-3000 66 600-3000 600-3000 1700 780 780 700 1900 1900
FCGW-126/600-3000 110 600-3000 600-3000 2870 1100 1250 1150 3240 3240


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