DTL-1 Aluminium-Copper Cable Lug Bi-mental Terminal Lug


DTL-1 cable lug terminal lug

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Product Details:

Cable terminal lug is a kind of accessory for electrical connections, which can be crimped on cable/wire/ electrical equipment without thermal treatment. Our company, Ziyong Technology Co., Ltd, supplies a wide range of premium quality lugs to satisfy different demands. Our products are designed, manufactured and tested as per CE and GB standards to ensure good performance. These products are suitable for the connection of copper conductors (section 1.5mm2-800mm2) with electrical equipments.

1. Material: Copper-Aluminum, purity≥99.9%

2. Standard: CE & GB

Dtl-1 Ring Type Copper-Aluminium Cable Terminal Lug
Dtl-1 Ring Type Copper-Aluminium Cable Terminal Lug

Basic Data:

Catalog No. Cable Size Dimension
mm2 Φ, mm
DTL-1-16 16 8.5
DTL-1-25 25 8.5
DTL-1-35 35 10.5
DTL-1-50 50 10.5
DTL-1-70 70 12.5
DTL-1-95 95 12.5
DTL-1-120 120 14.5
DTL-1-150 150 14.5
DTL-1-185 185 16.5
DTL-1-240 240 16.5
DTL-1-300 300 21
DTL-1-400 400 21
DTL-1-500 500 21
DTL-1-630 630
DTL-1-800 800

(1) Wide application range: every type of conductor and material.
(2) Compact design: require little installation space.
(3) Flexible design: variously shaped ends to adapt to all kinds of connecting conditions
(4)  Excellent quality: made of premium copper and material for longer lifespan, better performance, good electrical conductance, and electrochemical corrosion resistance.
(5) Working temperature: -155ºC~55ºC


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