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400A Low Voltage Pole Mount Fuse Cutout

Pole Mounted Fused Cutout

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Product Details:

Designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind, this pole mountable fuse cutout is the ideal method of providing rural dwellings with a safe, protected and reliable low voltage power supply.

Manufactured from our own track resistant grade of glass re-inforced polyester, this fuse cutout is unobtrusive in appearance and vandal resistant, when compared to many of the more traditional materials such as porcelain.

Each fused cutout has fuse contacts and cable terminal plates which are manufactured from copper and bright tinned. These plates incorporate M12 captive studs with nuts and washers for the reception of cable sockets up to 300mm2 with copper or aluminum conductors.

Model: 82-630

Rated Voltage:415v

Rated Current:400A,630A

Fuse Link Type: JPU31.38


400a low voltage pole mount fuse cutout


Fuse Link 

This fuse cutout is designed to accommodate standard wedge type fuse links. Fixing centre requirement is 82mm. Standard fuse link ratings range from 20 to 400A.

Rated Voltage: AC415V

Rated Current:32A-400A

400a low voltage pole mount fuse cutout 400a low voltage pole mount fuse cutout


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