Link Box with Sheath Voltage Limiter(SVL)

cable grid link boxes 150x150 1

Link boxes are used with cable joints and terminations to provide easy access to shield breaks for test purposes and to limit voltage building up on the sheath. Lightning, fault currents and switching operations can cause over voltages on the cable sheath. The link box optimizes loss management in the cable shield on cables grounded from both sides.


  • • Direct grounding
  • • Single point bonding
  • • Cross bonding
  • • Cross bonding and transposition
  • • Sheath voltage limiters (SVL)


• Compact design
• Stainless steel
• Hermetically sealed
• 1-phase and 3-phase boxes
• Sheath voltage limiters (SVL)

  • Direct Grounding Link Box
direct bonding link box
  • Single point bonding link box
110kv protection ground box
  • cross bonding link box with SVL
cross bonding link box

Link Box also contain arrestors functioning as sheath voltage limiters (SVLs), depending on the bonding requirements. The SVL is a non-linear resistor protective device having characteristics of a high impedance to currents flow when the voltage across it is low, but extremely low resistance when the voltage is high.SVL is a protective device to limit high voltage surges appearing on the open circuited sheaths of specially bonded cable system suspectible to transient voltages; arising from lighting or switching transients, and the most serious case of short-Circuit Current. It is necessary to fit SLV’s between the sheath and ground.

svl sheath voltage limiter


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