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Insulating Bushing Covers for Electrical Equippments

insulating bushing cover

Insulating Bushing Covers are insulating covers designed to prevent animal caused outages on breaker, transformer lightning arrestors and other switching equipments. This is achieved by covering energized components sufficiently so that an animal can not contact the component and ground potential simultaneously. We can offer full range of insulating bushing covers as below:

Insulating Bushing Covers for Lightning Arrestors

insulating bushing cover for lightning arrestor

Isulating Bushing Covers for Transformer

insulating bushing cover for transformer 1
insulating bushing covers for transformer 2

Isulating Bushing Covers for Breaker

insulating bushing cover for breaker

Isulating Bushing Covers for drop out fuse

insulating bushing cover for drop out fuse

Isulating Bushing Covers for disconnect switch

insulating bushing cover for disconnect switch

Isulating Bushing Covers for busbar

insulating bushing cover for copper busbar

We use silicon rubber materials in wildlife protection covers for bushings and they can be engineered for reliable performancefor many years exposed to UV, weathering and tracking.


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