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How to assemble the fuse cutout?

Fuse cutout is a safety device in the distribution line to interrupt any over-current situations.

Today I’m going to show you how to assemble the fuse cutout.

Here are the assembly steps:

  • Get ready the assembly parts, including the upper contact assembly, lower contact assembly, the fuse holder assembly, insulator assembly and also the fuse link.
insulator assembly
  • Connect the upper contact and lower contact to the two end of the insulator.
  • Install the fuse link. Place the fuse link into the tube cable end first and pull out the lower end. Replace the cap and tighten with the wrench.
  • The fuse tube can then be closed into the cutout assembly for use in the field. Remeber to adjust the upper contact and lower contact to fit for the fuse tube. Then Do a quick and firm thrust to close the tubbe into the cutout.
  • Now the cutout and the fuse link as a combined unit are ready to carry out the function of a protective device within the electrical distribution system.


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