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Embedded Pole Vacuum Circuit Breaker

embedded pole vcb

What is embedded pole?

The embedded pole is made by casting vacuum interrupters, main circuit conduct and mounting parts with epoxy into an integral part. The embedded pole has a high dielectric strength and strong weather resistance. It also features circuit miniaturization and being solid, reliable and maintenance-free. Now the embedded pole set the trends for development of medium voltage circuit breaker.

What are the advantages of embedded pole?

  • High reliability

Compared with the traditional assembled circuit, the embedded pole significantly reduces the number of parts, lapped surfaces and fasteners, thereby reducing the main circuit assembling steps and preventing assembling errors. As a result, the reliability of the main circuit is improved and the resistance is reduced.

  • Stable insulating performance

When embedded in the epoxy resin solid material, the vacuum interrupter is kept away from the influences of the external environment. Its performance will not be affected by dust, moisture, small animals, dew or dirt. Even in hot, humid or heavily polluted environment, the vacuum interrupter can still show high impedance to voltage effect, in full compliance with the 68/01 requirements on use under level II filthy conditions.

  • More robust structure

The embedded pole can provide more adequate protection for the vacuum interrupter, keeping it away from accidental mechanical impact during assembly and transport.

  • Miniaturization

Using epoxy resin as the insulating medium can reduce the phase spacing, thus reducing the size of the vacuum circuit breaker and the switchgear.

  • Maintenance-free

Since the vacuum interrupter is fully protected, the maintenance-free vacuum interrupter allows the circuit breaker to be maintenance-free also.

  • More environmentally friendly

To some extent, the embedded pole can be an alternative to using SF6 gas the exterior insulation, therefore being more environmentally friendly.

Types of Embedded Pole We Offer

The development of embedded pole technology can cover a wider range of application requirements in the power industry. The 12-40.5kV embedded pole designed and manufactured by us combines the advantages of foreign and domestic products. It has all the electrical performance requirements taken into account, in full compliance with the requirements of domestic medium voltage switchgears. Our embedded pole is used by many well-known domestic vacuum circuit breaker manufacturers.

12kv 24kv 40.5kv embedded pole
embedded pole vacuum circuit breaker
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